Siobhán, sign me up for the

The OH Fitness Factory Today

at the Mar 2017 launch offer of only €49 per month 


Learn from my mistakes

★ Fast track your progress by working together, let's make sure you avoid the pitfalls that I made.

★ No gym? No problem - the workouts I've created can be done anywhere so you don't have anything to hold you back.

★ Food becomes your friend - the program is designed so you actually enjoy your nutrition and understand it more and more as you progress

So Siobhán, what does the programme include?

When you join the Oh Fitness Factory I'm going to take you by the hand and guide you to make 2017 your year!

➟ This course is specially made for beginners or anyone who's getting back on the wagon! All workouts are doable from home so it eliminates barriers and leaves no excuses 😊

 ➟ Speficially created workout plan that you can do anywhere, anytime in 20-30 mins 

OH Fitness nutrition guide -  easy to follow, step by step and easy to maintain 

Daily Support in the OH Fitness Factory PRIVATE Facebook community 

Supplement guide - recommended by me 

Facebook Live Updates - by me each week



Yes Siobhán, count me in!

Give me access to everything.... at the pre-launch offer of only €49 per month Places are very limited don't delay.

No workout experience...No problem!

It doesn't matter if you've never trained before, I've made this perfect for beginners.


Bodyweight workouts require no or minimal equipment

Workout at home, in the gym, at the park - if you're feeling brave!  😜

Short, sharp resistance sessions, you won't be working out for hours

 Simple, sustainable nutrition guide, use my shopping list to stay organised with your food 

I recommened you stick with this for 12 weeks, anything less and you're not going to see real results!

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians even flexitarians ☺️


Countdown Timer

I'm purposely only working with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure I can give you the support you deserve...









Yep, I'm ready to melt fat!

Sign me up now for the limited places in the OH Fitness Factory for only €49 per month 💪

Make 2017 the year you transform....FOREVER


If you follow the OH Fitness Factory as I have specifically designed for you, you'll create your strongest, fittest body plus we'll have fun along the way! You'll get addicted to the results as well as how GOOD you will feel!

I'm never focused on making you lose weight. If you focus on the scale, and it never budges, you'll get frustrated. In the program, I'll show you how to shift your mindset and focus on pushing yourself past your old limits, while enjoying the journey. Then like magic, you'll see your body changing too. Make sense? 💪

To maximise your results then we need to work on your nutrition too. The way you fuel your body will determine how you perform throughout your OH Fitness Factory workouts and ultiamately affect your results.


Here’s what OH Fitness Factory will do for you:

★ Reduce workout time in half
★ Melt body fat
★ Increase your metabolism
★ Build lean muscle with no equipment
★ Sculpt the new you
★ Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people


I've done it, so can you...


Here's a photo of me from Christmas a couple of years ago and another from this year, I can't tell you the change I made in my mindset and my life by finally getting on top of my training, really understanding it and probably most importantly, loving food and feeling flexible with my nutrition plan!


I'm excited about doing this together with you...


YES, sign me up for the

The OH Fitness Factory Today

at the pre-launch price of only €49 per month