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The OH Fitness Furnace TODAY

Places are very limited at THE PRE-LAUNCH PRICE of €59 per month & I'm ready to take action!

This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Siobhán, I'm a pretty new to training and nutrition/ wanna' have a lifestyle overhaul first, is this for me?

It's best if you join my OhFitness Factory instead if you're a beginner. This course is made for someone who's been training a while and wants to amp things up!

You can join the Oh Fitness Factory at


So, whats involved in the Oh Fitness Furnace?

Workouts | Resistance Training

Gym or Home based workouts that will challenge you, build your strength and melt fast. These will turn your body into an INFERNO.

Nutrition | Macronutrients Coaching

Comprehensive guidance on macronutrients and how to fuel your body for maximum success. Be prepared to have the metabolism to eat more than ever!

Mindset | Advanced Success

The simple, sustainable habits, hacks and traits I've developeed with my mentor to take my life to a level I honestly never imagined possible.

 ♨️  FastTrack your Success ♨️
 Have you been going to classes, using the gym or trying to get on top of your nutrition and not getting the results you want? 
If yes, then this programme is for you! ★ 

Fast track your progress by working with me. I've gone through everything from thinking I was 'fit' to being totally out of control so funding sustainable, balance!

No gym? No problem. There's 2 versions of this course and you'll get access to both. The GYM version and the HOME version.

You'll master your nutrition, this course provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to understand macronutrients so you're fully in control at all times.

💪 Time to become a lean, strong, fat burning INFERNO 💪

So Siobhán, tell me more..

All workouts are simple, comprehensive and have been tried and tested with incredible results. 

  I provide you with both GYM workouts (full weights based) and a HOME version of the course (using simple equipment). 

OH Fitness Macronutrient Coaching - this is the special part of the programme, you'll learn to LOVE food. 

7 DAYS A WEEK Support in the OH Fitness Furnace PRIVATE Facebook community 

Advanced Supplement Guide - recommended by me for intermediate trainers

Facebook Live Updates - by me each week

Optional Virtual Accountability Buddies (if you wanna' make friends) 

If I can do it then you can too!

Yep, I'm ready to take my body to the next level!

Sign me up now for the limited places in the OH Fitness Furnace for the pre-launch price of only €59 per month 💪

⭐️ Learn from my mistakes and learn how I overcame every hurdle 

⭐️ Work with a qualified & highly experienced personal trainer i.e. me 😊

⭐️ Structured gym workouts plus the weekly Furnace Burn ♨️

⭐️ Propel your success so much fast with me and our supportive PRIVATE community

⭐️ Accounability via the OH Fitness Furnace Virtual Accountability buddy system.

⭐️ Learn to genuinely LOVE food

⭐️ Finally and most importantly...change your life forever.

 When you follow the Oh Fitness Furnace as I have specifically designed for you, you'll create your strongest, fittest mind and body.

☀ There's 2 versions of the Oh Fitness Furnace ☀

The GYM Edition

The GYM edition has all weighted workouts that are do able from any gym. The exact same standard workouts I've used with 1-on1-1 clients and on myself!

 The HOME edition

The Home Edition covers everything in the exact same way except workouts are based on simple equipment allowing you to workout WHEREVER you are.

You get access immediately to both versions! ✔✔✔

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This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Let's make this the year you turn your body into a


If you've been training for a while and you wanna' take things to a level you never thought imaginable (or sustainable) then I'm going to show you how 💪

Here’s what the Oh Fitness Furnace will do for you:

Provide you with detailed workouts - both HOME verions using simple equipment and GYM version using fully weighted sessions to get your leanest body imaginable!

 The nutrition coaching to turn your body into a fat melting furnace

Find new friends like-minded people through our virtual accountability buddy system.

Learn the long term skill set to be able to manage EVERY situation, to travel to live, to stay ultra lean bu totally understanding how every macronutrient affects your body.

My advanced minset lessons that I've developed with my mentor, as you know if your inner game is off your outer game will show it.

Oh, and be prepared to be able to eat more than you ever through, no more eating meals like a starving catwalk model 😂

💪 Yep, I'm committing to myself to make this the year my training & LIFE amplifies! 💪