It's not...the competition or the platform. It's your audience...

What Is GrowthHackademics?

GrowthHackademics is the simple step-by-step way course to teach you to automatically grow your audience on every platform. We teach you in an 8-Week “go at your own pace” virtual training for anyone who wants to grow a huge online audience, get more followers and make more sales. Using what we teach your potential for audience growth and sales growth is limitless. 

GrowthHackademics is a paint-by-numbers program to start profiting from your work faster than ever. Secure your place on the programme before enrolment closes at only $49 per month x 3 months.

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You'll also get these bonuses

Turn your side hustle into another income

Secure your place on the programme before enrolment closes at only $49 per month x 3 months.

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The Psychology of Each Network

Understanding how to really get to the core of each network and understanding what users really want. This is fascinating and never what you'd think initially! 

Monetization - the Bigger Picture

Our favourite bonus - guiding you through how to scale up your growth hacking specifically for sales.

Audience Reach Goal Setting

How to set targets and HIT THEM! We take you through goal setting so you can know what your desired outcome is.

Building Your Personal Brand

The essential elements of building your personal brand so that not only do you sell your designs but you open new avenues by growing your personal brand.

You’ll Get Support.

I know you want to make this work...the business you started or that idea for extra, passive income that’s spinning around in your head.
The problem is you don’t know where to start and what most people teach in social media wastes time and money. In the last 3 months, social media and each platform you're selling on have changed and the opportunities you have are incredible, however it changes daily, and you need something YOU can control - that’s what GrowthHackademics is all about.

In GrowthHackademics not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success.
You’ll have access to a community of people like you for inspiration and feedback. But unlike most online communities, we structure ours to eliminate fluff and promote laser focus - so you can get in, get what you need, and get things done!

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you every step of the way.

Who am I?

I'm an international brand and online marketing consultant, speaker and the creator GrowthHackademics.

Operating in the hyper-competitive online market, I've created and managed the growth of hundred's of online business owners mentoring the development of a numerous multi-million dollar earners.

I'm passionate...

I'm passionate about helping business owners get the very most from everthing their doing, to provide as much value as possible to help entrepreneurs get more eyes on their work and ultimately monetise their passion.

Your Designs + Audience = Sales

Your designs rock but your reach maybe rocks a little less :) Don't less your audience reach hold you back. Secure your place on the programme before enrolment closes at only $49 per month x 3 months.

Some Feedback from my clients

Always nice to provide value to people :)

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So, who is GrowthHackademics for?

The programme is essential for anyone that wants to generate a massive, targeted following and therefore monetise their design.


Who is GrowthHackademics for?

The course is perfect for anyone building a personal brand, whether you're a fitness blogger, online creative, marketing agency or pretty much anyone that needs an online reach GrowthHackademics will work for you.

Will I be left on my own doing this?

No, I'm with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I've been at the coalface of ensuring that every single person I've coached develops a huge social reach, an attractive brand and the potential to sell more..

How long does the course last?

8 weeks, we're with you every step of the way.

What if I'm not great with learning new things online?

Every lesson is simple and easy to understand.

Will I have support?

Yes, you'll have support of our senior Growth Hack Coaches via the private Facebook community.

What exactly do you mean by growth hacking?

I show you how to generate a huge online reach across the platforms that matter to you. More eyes on your business = more cash into your account.

I teach you how to set up automated marketing done on your behalf while you sleep. I show you simple systems so that while you're busy building your life, your business is still being marketed to your target audience. This works INCREDIBLY WELL for my clients leading to thousands of eyes on their projects every week.

My main stuggle is getting new customers, will this help?

Absolutley, to attract new customers its essential you have a large audience. If you use the simple steps that I show you in this course you'll create yourself more sales.

My challenge is getting the right kind of audience to see my work, will this help?

Yes, not only will we show you how to create followers, we'll ensure you understand how to create laser targeted followers.

What platforms do you cover?

We cover Instagram, Behance, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Society6, Creative Market, Facebook, Linkedin, Dribble, Medium. We're always uncovering opportunites so this list will grow.

I’d love to do this but I’ve no time…

I'm coming from a place of having mentored hundred's of successful people through this programme so I'm hyper aware of the need for simplicity and efficient lessons. EVERYTHING I give you is developed to give you the maximum impact in terms of increasing your profits in the minimum time.

I work a 9-5 and produce my own designs on the side, can this help?

Yes, I will show you how you can quickly learn the pillars and implement them around your busy schedule and have your growth working automatically while you work your full-time job.

Once you enroll in GrowthHackademics you’ll receive new training each week for 8 weeks. 

Your training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, tactics on how to implement every strategy plus continuous support every step of the way.

We keep enrollment to a minimum, so we can support our growing community of students. 

There’s often a long wait-list to join, so we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible. 

We can never guarantee how long we’ll accept new students; once we fill to capacity, registration closes indefinitely. Don’t delay your success another year or more - sign up today!

100% Money Back Guarantee.

With GrowthHackademics, there's no risk, and you can try this program out! If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied and don't feel like this is the right program for you, just turn in your homework, and we will give you a full refund.

If you've any questions feel free to connect with me. I love connecting and bringing value wherever I can so feel free to say hi! Email me at

I love connecting and bringing value wherever I can so feel free to say hi!



Don't sit and watch others succeed

Secure your place on the programme before enrolment closes at only $49 per month x 3 months.